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Mechanism of Action

Stearoyl-​CoA desat­urase (SCD1) catalyzes the rate-​limiting step in the biosyn­thesis of monoun­sat­u­rated fatty acids and therefore is considered a potent mechanism in liver steatosis and fibrosis. Mice with a targeted disruption of the SCD1 isoform have reduced body adiposity, increased energy expen­diture, and up-​regulated expression of several genes encoding enzymes and transcription factors enhancing fatty acid oxidation and reducing fibro­ge­nesis in liver including AMPK and SIRT.

Aramchol Reduces Steatosis, Oxidative Stress and Liver Injury

Aramchol™ Reduces Steatosis, Oxidative Stress And Liver Injury

Iruarrizaga-​Lejarreta, Marta, et al. “Role of Aramchol in steato­hep­atitis and fibrosis in mice.” Hepatology Communications 1.9 (2017): 911–927.

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