The Galmed Story

Galmed started some 20 years ago and has blossomed from a one-man discovery to a passionate global drug development team working on the next generation of metabolic and inflammatory therapeutics programs from discovery through clinical trials. Here’s our story…


Professor Tuvia Gilat discovers FABACs, a new family of synthetic fatty-acid/bile-acid conjugates designed to solubilize biliary cholesterol.


Galmed Medical Research is founded by Tuvia Gilat and Allen Baharaff to develop Aramchol for metabolic and liver diseases.


A team of scientists led by Professors Jeffrey M. Friedman and James M. Ntambi discover “metabolic switch”, an enzyme called SCD-1, that tells body to store or burn fat. Findings add important new information on the mechanism by which leptin regulates body weight and metabolism.


A team of Researchers led by Prof. Gilat discover that Aramchol modulates SCD-1 activity to obtain the desirable hepatic and metabolic effects of SCD-1 inhibition without the deleterious effects of its shutdown.


Galmed’s initial public offering and FDA Approval
of Fast Track Designation of Aramchol for the Treatment of NASH and Fibrosis.


Galmed announced positive results of Global Phase 2b ARREST 52-Week Study supporting Advancement of Aramchol 600mg to Phase 3.


Initiation of ARMOR Phase 3 Registrational study for NASH and Fibrosis.

Galmed presents mechanistic and pre-clinical data which supports an IND submission and the initiation of first in human studies of its pipeline compound Amilo 5MER, developed for inflammatory diseases.


FDA Agrees with Galmed’s Plan to use 300mg Aramchol Meglumine QD in ARMOR Phase 3 Registrational study