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About Aramchol

Aramchol (arachidyl amido cholanoic acid) is a novel fatty acid bile acid conjugate. Aramchol is a first in class, orally active, liver targeted SCD – 1 modulator with a dual mode of action on liver fibrosis, down regulation of steatosis and a direct effect on Hepatic Stellate Cells (HSC’s), the human collagen producing cells. Aramchol has shown down regulation of liver steatosis and fibrosis in multiple animal models (see also publi­cation section) demon­strating its effect on the three key pathologies of NASH: steatosis, inflam­mation and fibrosis. The effect of Aramchol on NASH pathologies in animals was trans­lated into humans in a phase IIa clinical study and is currently being examined in the Phase IIb ARREST study (see also Clinical Development section). To date, over 400 patients have been exposed to Aramchol across 7 clinical trials. No safety and toler­a­bility signals have been identified thus far. Aramchol has been granted Fast Track desig­nation status by the FDA for the treatment of NASH.

First-​in-​class, orally active, liver targeted SCD‑1 modulator

Potent mechanism with multiple inter­vention points along the patho­genic pathway

Effects in animal models into human ctrans­lated linical data

High safety margin and B/​R ratio

~400 subjects exposed across 7 clinical trials

Fast Track Designation for devel­opment of Aramchol for NASH granted by FDA

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