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Allen Baharaff
Pres­ident & Chief Exec­utive Officer

Mr. Baharaff is the co-founder of Galmed Phar­ma­ceu­ticals Ltd., and has served as CEO since 2012, and Pres­ident as of 2015. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Uni­versity of London (LSE) and LLB and MA degrees from Cam­bridge Uni­versity. Mr. Baharaff has held a number of direc­tor­ships including a SVP position at Isramex Projects Ltd., and T+M Trusteeship & Man­agement. He also serves as a Director of the Tel-Aviv Museum of Arts and Exec­utive Director at The Rubin Museum.

Liat Hayardeny, Ph.D.
Chief Sci­en­tific Officer

Dr. Hayardeny joined Galmed in 2016 bringing more than 16 years of expe­rience in drug devel­opment as part of Teva Phar­ma­ceu­ticals’ global R&D Division. Prior to joining Galmed, Dr. Hayardeny served as Teva’s Senior Director and Head of Research Sci­en­tific Affairs. In that capacity, Dr. Hayardeny estab­lished the sci­en­tific posi­tioning of Teva’s inno­v­ative com­pounds. Addi­tionally, Dr. Hayardeny was respon­sible for the company’s rela­tionship with insti­tu­tions of higher edu­cation; man­aging Teva’s global research col­lab­o­ra­tions and pub­li­ca­tions. Dr. Hayardeny holds a Ph.D. from Sackler School of Med­icine and an MBA from Recanati Business School at Tel Aviv Uni­versity.

Yohai Stenzler
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Stenzler joined Galmed in 2014 and has served as Galmed’s Chief Financial Officer since Feb­ruary 2017. Prior to joining Galmed, Mr. Stenzler was an accountant at Ernst & Young LLP, where he was involved in financing, taxes, auditing, advising and accounting of public and private com­panies, both domestic and inter­na­tional. Mr. Stenzler is a cer­tified CPA and holds an MBA in Finance from Recanati Business School at Tel Aviv Uni­versity, and a BA in Eco­nomics and Accounting from Ben-Gurion Uni­versity.

Tali Gorfine, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Gorfine joined Galmed 2016. Prior to joining Galmed, she served as a Senior Clinical Program Leader at Teva R&D. In that capacity, she led product strategy and clinical devel­opment in the field of mul­tiple scle­rosis and was respon­sible for large Phase II and III studies. Dr. Gorfine holds an MD., and a PhD in the field of func­tional mag­netic res­o­nance imaging (fMRI) from the Tel-Aviv Uni­versity.

Guy Nehemya
Vice Pres­ident, Oper­a­tions

Mr. Nehemya joined Galmed in 2013 as Galmed’s Director of Oper­a­tions and has served as the Company’s Vice Pres­ident, Oper­a­tions since March 2017. Mr. Nehemya was a key member of man­agement during the Company’s IPO. Mr. Nehemya holds an MBA from Arison School of Business at IDC Her­zliya and an LL.B. from the College of Man­agement. Mr. Nehemya has been a member of the Israeli Bar Asso­ci­ation since 2012.

Joseph Kaspi Ph.D.
Senior CMC Director

Dr. Kaspi joined Galmed in December 2016 bringing with him rich expe­rience of more than 35 years in process devel­opment of phar­ma­ceu­tical active ingre­dients (API). Dr. Kaspi held posi­tions of VP for R&D and Chief Sci­en­tific Officer in Perrigo API (for­merly Chemagis). Earlier he served as process devel­opment leader in the chemical section of Teva R&D. A Ph.D. degree in organic chem­istry from the Hebrew Uni­versity in Jerusalem is held by him.

Yael Hol­lander
Vice Pres­ident, Legal Affairs and Strategy

Ms. Hol­lander joined Galmed in 2014 and has served as the Company’s Vice Pres­ident, Legal Affairs and Strategy since March 2017. She has extensive expe­rience as a com­mercial lawyer at Gross, Klein­hendler, Hodak, Halevy, Greenberg & Co. law offices, where she was involved in the rep­re­sen­tation of both pub­licly-traded and private com­panies in con­nection with cor­porate finance, public offerings, mergers and acqui­si­tions, com­mercial trans­ac­tions, cor­porate gov­er­nance, and other secu­rities, legal and business issues. Ms. Hol­lander holds an MBA in Finance from Recanati Business School at Tel Aviv Uni­versity, and an LL.B. and BA in Eco­nomics from the Hebrew Uni­versity of Jerusalem. Ms. Hol­lander has been a member of the Israeli Bar Asso­ci­ation since 2010.

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