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Current Collaborations

Current Collaborations
Current Col­lab­o­ra­tions
Samil Logo

On July 28, 2016, Galmed entered into a license agreement with Samil Pharma. Co. Ltd. for the com­mer­cial­ization of Aramchol in Korea. Samil Pharma has an exclusive, royalty-bearing license for the com­mer­cial­ization of Aramchol for the treatment of fatty liver indi­ca­tions including non­al­co­holic steato­hep­atitis (NASH) in Korea. Read More

Owl Logo

On July 8, 2015, Galmed entered into a Research with OWL, for the devel­opment of a non-invasive, blood-based com­pli­mentary diag­nostic tool, which we believe could increase the like­lihood of success of our Phase III trials and facil­itate the market adoption of Aramchol. Read More

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